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Education Design

GRAPHIC DESIGN Our introductory lessons breakdown and demonstrate an understanding of the technical and conceptual skills required to practice as a designer, employment obligations and where graphic design can design take you in the workplace. We then present trainees with the knowledge to production solutions. Originate ideas, concepts and thumbnail sketches. Trainees will learn features of a range of computer software packages to produce sophisticated graphic design layouts, including graphic and text elements for print applications.Creating drop shadows, feathering edges, use of typography techniques for design work, Scan images to electronic...

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Education Literacy

LITERACY SUPPORT Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed imperdiet libero ac sollicitudin ornare. Etiam efficitur tortor at urna pellentesque, eget molestie justo auctor. Donec quis congue magna, vitae convallis velit. Sed pretium blandit pretium. Nunc sollicitudin ac est ut pharetra. Nunc feugiat nisl eu pellentesque volutpat. Ut pretium ex turpis, at feugiat metus tincidunt ut. In facilisis ante eget dui gravida tempor. Sed et nulla volutpat, dictum lorem eget, fringilla metus. Proin aliquet nisl eu risus ultrices convallis. Mauris aliquet bibendum mauris at dictum. Phasellus venenatis arcu vitae justo lobortis tristique. Phasellus sollicitudin erat sem, at...

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Education Numaracy

NUMARACY / LITERACY SUPPORT Numaracy / Literacy Support Working with numbers does not come easy for all of us and this is nothing to be ahamed of. We have a dedicated team that are able to supply numeracy support for both youths and...

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HEALTHY EATING Chefs are needed in every food establishment, from local pubs to silver service. We have a catering team who work alongside Y24. A chef is one of the biggest employers of young people in the...

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Personal Development

LIFESTYLE PROGRAM Change often starts with a lifestyle. Having a good way of life is the best way to bring the results into your life that you seek. You can depend on this...

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