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EMOTIONAL LITERACY Change often starts with a lifestyle. Having a good way of life is the best way to bring the results into your life that you seek. You can depend on this theme. The holistic development of young people is at the forefront of every intervention we offer at Y24. With this in mind, our Social and Emotional Development programme focuses extensively on increasing young peoples capacity to develop through safe and positive experiences whilst promoting the approaches of SEAL used in schools. At Y24 we understand that adolescence is often a turbulent period filled with uncertainties for...

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FOOTBALL COACHING Our football coaching program empowers youth to be able to occupy their time and stay out of trouble by taking part in football training programs overlay patterns and so much...

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Y24 works in partnership with a number of voluntary agencies as well as corporate companies, we ensure that all the young people we work with have access to free legal advice, whether that is by way of Legal Workshops or the need to get Legal...

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