I can’t recommend Youth 24 enough. They have helped me to get my life back on track and also to stay out of trouble. They have helped me to focus my attention on positivity which is already producing results

Danny (17 years old)

When I first came to Y24 my life was in a mess. It was looking like I only had 2 choices available to me: prison or a life of crime. Youth 24 help me to open my life and give me a whole new range of choices. I now have many crime-free options to choose from and my life has taken a whole new path.

Michael (15 years old)

Thanks again for helping me, I just want to say your level of attention to me was amazing. I have never got this amount of support anywhere else. You provide the best level of support, and I really appreciate you helping me grow mentally and physically.


We are so AMAZED by the exceptional skills and professionalism that was given from your law firm. Their excellent support, fast commitment is top notch! We’re were so happy with the incredible assistance we’ve received from Mcmillan Williams Solicitors! Keep up the great work guys!! And Thank you!