Y24 Active Kids

Youth 24s Active Kids program is an innovative, dynamic and multifaceted program aimed at 11-16 year olds to promote a healthy diet and active lifestyle. The Active Kids project has been devised by a small team of dedicated professionals with the aim of actively tackling contemporary and evolving issues regarding youth obesity in Britain.

Youth 24’s Active Kids project will tackle youth obesity by pooling together a number of different practitioners, resources and activities that will engage young people and support them to develop healthier lifestyles.

The ethos of the Active Kids Easter program is based on three principles: education, participation and change. This will involve workshops to educate young people about the human body and effects of unhealthy dieting before providing them with practical experience of how to create balanced meals and maintain a healthy diet on a budget.

The program aims to encourage young people’s participation in leading active lifestyles through sport by delivering taught sessions in fitness training, football, boxing, tennis, athletics and badminton. This is in addition to bringing about long-term change in young lifestyles as a result.